JCHS Archives and Research Library

The Jackson County Historical Society archives is unable to facilitate walk-in researchers, please make appointments in advance. 

Research Requests

Fill out the form below with specific information about the topic you are researching. Specific dates, addresses, and full names facilitate quicker research. If you are researching a property or address, the legal description will help with a quicker turn-around time. Research requests must have a specific question! "Any information available" is not an acceptable request and will not be answered. 

If you are performing genealogy research, please check out the Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence first.

Due to the high volume of requests and small staff size, turn around times for research requests are 2-3 weeks. Researchers may only request up to 10 items per visit. Please do not call the archives if you have filled out an online form. We will contact you if we have any further questions. 

By mail 

P.O. BOX 4241

Duplication of Materials

Copying or scanning- $.25 per page

Photographing by researcher on site (no flash)- No charge

Digital Images- Public Use- $25 per electronic image

Digital Images- Private Use- $15 per electronic image

*JCHS does not print images at this time. 




Once you complete the form below, the archivist will contact you to discuss our resources. We may also be able to suggest other institutions, sources or places with information. 

*Please note that we are located in Missouri. 

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What are you seeking
Please describe the desired information in as much detail as possible (i.e. for who or what are you seeking the information/images/objects, where in Jackson County did the person live or the event occur, what time frame did the person live/the event occur/object created)) "Any information available" is not an acceptable request.