Are you interested in earning college credit while doing interesting, hands-on work with some usual and unusual historical artifacts?

Get out of the lecture hall and into the archives for an internship with the Jackson County Historical Society. We offer the opportunity to earn college credit on a semester basis for students currently enrolled in colleges and universities.

During an internship you will get to work with the many facets of the Jackson County Historical Society--including museum work, historical archives management, public history, tourism and promoting historical literacy.

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While working as an intern, you can expect to be responsible for a variety of coordinated projects on a regular basis. The Jackson County Historical Society is an excellent way to enhance your college experience and earn credit towards your degree while gaining some valuable work experience. We would also like to encourage those interested in internships to consider a student membership--they're much cheaper than a textbook.

For more information about internships with the Jackson County Historical Society please contact Savannah Lore at