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Battle of Lone Jack Candlelight Tour

On August 16, 1862, a furious and bloody battle swept through the peaceful streets of Lone Jack. It is now evening. The fighting has ended. The evening air is punctuated with the moans and cries of dying soldiers and horses. Townspeople are struggling to deal with the devastation. The tragic scenes will be forever burned into the hearts and minds of those fortunate to have survived its wrath. They turn to friends and family to deal with fear, frustration, exhaustion, shock and overwhelming sadness.

On the evening of August 16, 2014 time-travelers on the Candlelight Walk at the Lone Jack Civil War Battle Commemoration will have the unique opportunity to become invisible witnesses to authentic recreations of a few of these scenes as neighbors check on one another and share accounts of the day.                                             

Visitors peek as Dr. Ragsdale makes Lucinda Cave as comfortable as possible after she was wounded during the battle.

Dr. Caleb Winfrey heads one of the several field hospitals in town. He and others with limited medical supplies assist soldiers on both sides. Mothers look for lost sons, wives for husbands.

The victorious Confederate commanders discuss and debate their next move in the flickering light of a campfire. There is no celebrating, no laughter. They won the day, but at a horrible cost. Union reinforcements are en route. The Confederates must act quickly.

The first Candlelight tour group leaves the museum at 8:30 p.m. Cost is $5 per person. Advance tickets will be available at the museum beginning August 1 during regular museum hours. Tickets will be available at the museum throughout Commemoration day.

For information about Commemoration, watch the historical society’s website at or visit our Facebook page. To volunteer or for craft booth information, contact historical society president, Alinda Miller, at 816.805.1815 or