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Christmastime in Kansas City

Streetcars decked out in wreaths and stars ... Toy Town at Emery, Bird, Thayer ... colorful lighted crowns dangling over downtown intersections ... The Plaza lights ... the Mayor's Christmas Tree ... Through history, these have been part of Kansas City Christmases, and they're all in this richly illustrated account by author, Monroe Dodd, of The Kansas City Star. Join us in welcoming Monroe to trace our celebration from the early 19th century to today, the year's busiest holiday, in Christmastime in Kansas City. [This book is out-of-print. However, the author would be happy to autograph copies that you may already own, or may procure before today's lecture.]

This program is presented in partnership between the Jackson County Historical Society and Jackson County Parks+Rec. The Brady Courtroom History Programs are free and open to the general public. Seating is limited; reservations are recommended by sending and e-mail to; or, by calling (816) 503.4860.

Jackson County’s Historic Truman Courthouse

Brady Courtroom, 2nd Floor

112 W. Lexington Avenue, Independence, MO 64050

1 - 2 pm - Lecture

2:15 - 3 pm - Building/Art Gallery Tour (optional)