The 1859 Jail Museum is first, and foremost, a historic structure. Staff at JCHS evaluates each paranormal investigation request based on preservation and access to the building.

Public Paranormal Investigations

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JCHS partners with Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal to host public investigations. These are typically held one Saturday per month. The public investigations are very small and we do cap them at 12 people. However, we have not scheduled any in 2019 due to ongoing restoration efforts at the 1859 Jail Museum. Check our Facebook page and event calendar for updates. We hope to hold a couple public investigations this fall.

Private Paranormal Investigations 

JCHS does allow paranormal teams and/or individuals to investigate the 1859 Jail Museum. We recommend 12-15 people for these type of events, and they must be booked at least 4 weeks in advance. JCHS charges $300 for private investigations, half is due to reserve your date, and the other half is due the date of your investigation. There are no refunds if you do not show up on the agreed upon date. All groups are welcome and encouraged to bring their own equipment on investigations. 

For Paranormal Teams or Companies who want to rent out the 1859 Jail Museum for public investigations for 3rd parties, contact Caitlin Eckard for pricing, The 1859 Jail Museum can hold up to 20 people for the public investigations.