JCHS Archivist David Jackson retires

David Jackson, the Jackson County Historical Society archivist, recently decided to retire following his long service to the historical society and shared these thoughts.

Dear JCHS members and friends,

With nearly a 15-year career as Jackson County Historical Society’s Archives and Education Director, I have faced a personal crossroads and found it necessary to retire. There are several life events that have converged recently necessitating this long-considered decision, so please join me in celebrating this change.

For those of you with whom I am acquainted, I hope you know that I have and continue to believe in the vital importance of documenting and promoting local history … and to advocate for its preservation.

I pledge to continue to fully support the Jackson County Historical Society through membership, donations, and even through volunteering…and I encourage you to step-up and do the same.

This nonprofit organization offers so many services and benefits to the public with its deep, rich, historical collections, and with its 150+year old site that has served as a local museum since 1959. It is an organization that survives and thrives by generous contributions of time, talent, and financial support from various and diverse audiences.

Let’s vision for a positive future for JCHS as we turn this bend in the road. I’m along for the ride…just no longer in the driver’s seat.

It has…and will continue for me to be a pleasure to serve as a resource to YOU…and the history/heritage community of Jackson County!

Please feel free to contact me personally through the website I have hosted since 1996: http://www.orderlypackrat.com.