Death of Ted Cauger Sr.

Ted Cauger Sr, a long-time member and one-time JCHS treasurer, died peacefully on June 3rd.

Ted enjoyed a rich and interesting life. His father, A.V. Cauger, was an early pioneer in animation business and gave a young Walt Disney a job.  Learn more.

Ted continued the family involvement in the movie business - the business was located in the Englewood neighborhood in Independence - before beginning a late-in-life career in community banking. 

He was affable, engaging and proud of his community, his various involvements and his close association with early pioneers in animation.  Read a full obituary. 

A. Scott Cauger, a son, currently serves on the JCHS board of directors. 

The family requests donations to JCHS or Thank You Walt Disney.

We extend our condolences to the family.