Donations to The Jackson County Historical Society


Please consider a donation to JCHS in honor or memory of an individual, organization or institution

Donte: One-Time or Regularly

Give a Piece of the Past

JCHS is constantly looking for new pieces of history to add to our collections. A great way to support history is by donating some of yours. The Jackson County Historical Society Archives and research library provide a temperature controlled environment where items of the past can receive proper archival handling and conservation to remain a part of the future.

We take usual and unusual items from the past including paper documents--letters, postcards, diaries, business ledgers, certificates, documents, and books. Other items of value such as art and artifacts:  souvenirs from local events (like Priests of Pallas), paintings with local connections, photographs, maps, models, miniatures and other doo-dads and miscellany that contribute to the greater picture of Jackson County's rich past.

If you're not sure about whether your donation is suitable, it never hurts to ask. Your trash just might be our treasure! Contact the Archivist, Savannah Lore, at or 816.252.7454 about potential donations. You may also review our Collections Policy to see if your donation fits into our collections.

Donations cannot be accepted without the proper paperwork. We require all donations to the archives to have a "Deed of Gift" form that the donor has signed. 

JCHS does not accept historical properties, homes, or furniture

Also consider donating to support a special project or need. If interested, contact Caitlin Eckard (816) 461-1897.