Chouteau Society and its mission to preserve the memory of Kansas CIty's early French heritage

In 2008, the Jackson County Historical Society accepted responsibility for preserving and perpetuating the work of The Chouteau Society.  

Organized in 1984, this group of historians and civic leaders came together for the purpose of "Collecting, preserving and disseminating information relating to the French heritage of the New World, the Mid-west, and with particular and special emphasis upon, Metropolitan Kansas City Missouri and Kansas  for the period extending from and after the year 1599 Anno Domini ."  

This mission was further defined as:  "To erect... historical markers, monuments and statues in the Kansas City Metropolitan area memorializing the French heritage and outstanding personages figuring in said heritage."

In the ensuing 24 years, a series of 11 markers were placed on historic sites ranging from the City Market at 3rd Street and Grand Avenue in the northern part of the City, and spreading southward to the Loose Park neighborhood near 51st Street and Wornall Road.  

The Jackson County Historical Society is proud and honored to accept responsibility for preservation and maintenance of this unique historic asset.  

A complete description of the markers is listed below, and we encourage everyone to download a copy and visit the individual sites.

The Google map shows the location of the 11 historic markers.

Chouteau Marker No. 11.  Located at the Loose Park Lagoon, on Wornall Road south of 51st Street

Chouteau Marker No. 11.  Located at the Loose Park Lagoon, on Wornall Road south of 51st Street

More information:

Lewis and Clark's French Passport: A Prequel to the Corps of Discovery by Charles Hoffhaus, The Jackson County Historical Society Journal., Vol 24, No. 2, Autumn 2004.

Chez Les Canses: Three Centuries at Kawsmouth by Charles Hoffhaus. (1984)

Francois Chouteau bio