Council recommends relocating and restoring pioneer cabin

The Independence City Council is recommending locating a Pioneer Spring Log Cabin to the National Frontier Trails Museum.

The cabin is currently located at Truman and Noland Road adjacent to the city-owned Sermon Center.

JCHS provided significant information about the history of the structure from documents in its own archives and a report by Erika Prado, an UMKC history major who prepared an extensive documentation on the structure as part of an internship.

Pardo’s report stated:

“The Spring Pioneer Cabin is likely to remain an ongoing investigation project until some more concise evidence appears. The available primary and secondary source material consulted allow researchers to find accurate information on the parcel of land where the cabin was supposedly built, but do not stipulate any specific information about the cabin itself. Miscellaneous information found at different locations helped highlight aspects of the cabin’s possible history, but once again, it proved to be insufficient.”

The report suggests the log cabin likely was constructed between 1835-1857 based on land records and property valuations.

JCHS also held a benefit concert to support whatever plans were decided. The concert featured the music of composer Dana Mengel and included selections from his Oregon Trail Suite including a performance of an original number dedicated to the cabin.

The project still faces significant challenges, in particular finding funds to relocate and restore the structure if moved to the National Frontier Trails Museum.

Here’s the City Council’s discussion on the topic.

Here’s other information from the JCHS archives and also a statement JCHS issued about the cabin which is listed on the local historic register.