National Frontier Trails Center receives local history award

The National Frontier Trails Museum (NFTM)will receive the 2018 R. Crosby Kemper III Award for Achievement in Historic Preservation.

The award, affectionately known as The Crosby, recognizes the continued accomplishments of the National Frontier Trails Museum for promoting the cultural and natural heritage resources and historic preservation, especially those which add benefit to the public and the states of Kansas and Missouri. 

The award will be presented on Sat., Aug. 11 at 2 pm at the NFTM located in Independence, Mo. The public is invited to attend. The museum is owned and operated by the City of Independence.

The award is given by the Westport Historical Society and R. Crosby Kemper III who is the director of the Kansas City Public Library.


The NFTM is a research library, museum, and interpretive center dedicated to preserving the epic stories of the overland migrations across the American west by way of the Lewis and Clark, Santa Fe, California, Oregon, and Mormon Pioneer Trails. 

This is the only museum in the nation devoted to these five great western overland routes and highlights the unique features of each trail and their dramatic impact on American History.

Visitors can take a short walk to view 1830’s “swales” or trail ruts created by cargo-laden covered wagons.