New biography of James A. Reed is published

A new biography of James A. Reed recounts his extraordinary life - Kansas City trial attorney, politician, US Senator and Democratic candidate for president in 1928 and 1932.

The biography - James A. Reed: Legendary Attorney; Marplot in the United States Senate was written by J. Michael Cronan, a retired Kansas City attorney. This is his first book.

Reed was a major legal figure in the Kansas City community and involved in several high-profile cases including the sone of Jesse James, the Swope murder and the Myrtle Bennett trial - several of which had been living history trials put on by Jackson County Historical Society.

Cronan, in his introduction, writes:

"Although (Reed) was a tremendously gifted orator and a man of notable political integrity, he fought primarily against legislation and change rather than fighting for laws he deemed appropriate."

Later in life, Reed married Kansas City clothing manufacturer Nell Donnelly who was involved in a high-profile kidnapping in 1931.

The book is a detailed account of Reed's life and career and covers a formative period of the creation of the modern-day 20th century Kansas City.

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